BMW X4 M40d v Civic Type R v Audi e-tron: DRAG RACE *Diesel v Petrol v Electric*

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Thanks to Richard for lending us the Audi e-tron -

Who’s ready for an EV v petrol v diesel drag race?! Now you may look at this line-up and think Mat's finally lost it - but trust us, this race will be more interesting than you think!

Starting with the e-tron, it’s powered by 2 electric motors to produce 408hp & 664Nm of torque. It’s pretty heavy though, weighing in just shy of 2.5 tonnes! It’ll weigh down your bank account as well, with a starting price from £79,000!

As for the Type R, it’s powered by a 2-litre turbocharged petrol engine to deliver 320hp & 400Nm. So it’s down on power compared to the Audi, but then again, it does weigh just 1,380kg - over 1.1 tonnes less than the EV SUV!

Then finally we have the M40d, which pretty much sits in the middle of these two. It's powered by a 3-litre straight-six diesel to deliver 330hp & 680Nm of torque, and when it comes to weight, it sits at about 1,900kg - so pretty much bang in the middle!

So they all roll up with pretty different stats, but how do you think this will play out? Will the most powerful e-tron snatch it? Or will the super light Type R beat them both? There's only one way to find out - let's race!

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  1. carwow
    Před měsícem

    What would be your dream petrol v diesel v EV drag race line-up?

    1. Mashroom
      Před 26 dny

      Bugatti Chiron vs Audi R10 TDI vs Rimac Nevera

    2. Станислав Б.
      Станислав Б.
      Před 29 dny

      Audi rs e-tron gt, rs6, sq7 diesel! not BMW///

    3. Kevin Hazen
      Kevin Hazen
      Před měsícem

      Xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxx3

    4. Kevin Hazen
      Kevin Hazen
      Před měsícem


    5. Kevin Hazen
      Kevin Hazen
      Před měsícem


  2. JuanitoYes kangal labrador
    JuanitoYes kangal labrador
    Před 10 dny


  3. nyombi sidney
    nyombi sidney
    Před 14 dny


    Před 16 dny

    Expected to win the type r rolling race

  5. Stefan Vlasceanu
    Stefan Vlasceanu
    Před 16 dny

    Diesel and petrol engines The best! ❤️💪

  6. David Randall
    David Randall
    Před 20 dny

    I’ve got a Type R FK8. Not a drag car. Most cars can beat it at the lights. But once it gets going it handles, pulls hard and is not speed limited right up to (nearly) 300kph.

    1. David Randall
      David Randall
      Před 20 dny

      Disclaimer on the (nearly) 300kph : I’ve never had it above 100kph so I really don’t know first hand !

  7. martin altria
    martin altria
    Před 21 dnem

    so how far was the stopping distance and from what speed ?

  8. Tomasz Jarzecki
    Tomasz Jarzecki
    Před 22 dny

    What is going on with the grainy video shots from inside the car? Anyway, I enjoy this. Keep it coming 👍

  9. S Bland
    S Bland
    Před 23 dny

    How many times!!!!!... stop racing foot stomping, gear crunching manuals against milli-second change dual clutch automatics!!!! It's simply not fair.

  10. hanlille13
    Před 23 dny

    This was a fun race🤩

  11. Mark Plenty
    Mark Plenty
    Před 24 dny

    2WD v 4 WD will always prove a loss.

  12. Amazing Videos
    Amazing Videos
    Před 26 dny

    Civic Type R is rolling king

  13. Adrian Iancu
    Adrian Iancu
    Před 27 dny

    Civir type r my choise 🙄 2.0l roll on autoband see you audi and bmw bulshit

  14. AceYoPro Senpai
    AceYoPro Senpai
    Před 27 dny

    When you put all the power avalible in the lower gears from a diesel engine with a bunch of torque then yeah… that things gonna fly off the line. Not to mention its 600 kilos lighter than the E-Tron lol

  15. Adrian ariel
    Adrian ariel
    Před 27 dny

    No wonder i beat a montero sport with a tuned honda fit in a rolling race on a freeway

  16. galihxtreme
    Před 28 dny

    3:55 he sounded like *Biggi Mombasa* ...! The Honda-loving big bloke from *JUICED* 2003 game...!

  17. aryaman kharbanda
    aryaman kharbanda
    Před 28 dny

    Plzz tell me the outro song

  18. vector sholobela
    vector sholobela
    Před 28 dny

    Yeah go bmw!!

  19. aryaman kharbanda
    aryaman kharbanda
    Před 29 dny

    Plzzzz tell me the outro music

  20. aryaman kharbanda
    aryaman kharbanda
    Před 29 dny

    Please someone tell me the outro music

  21. aryaman kharbanda
    aryaman kharbanda
    Před 29 dny

    Please tell me the outro music

  22. aryaman kharbanda
    aryaman kharbanda
    Před 29 dny

    Please someone tell me the outro song pllzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!!!!!!!

  23. Philip Liong
    Philip Liong
    Před 29 dny

    Omg.. how come that civic can call type R. My civic EG9 perform much better that this civic. I’m using sleeved b series b18 vtec turbo and I’m not using civic engine head n block instead using Honda CR-V engine head and block which it can hold more power for it. My civic is more powerful than this civic type R. Total cost for modified the engines performance and including the car price is cost lest than $10k. All the parts and half cuts of b18 vtec engine direct import from Japan. Dont ever try using b20 vtec turbo because it got lots problems. My civic is modified become street race car.

  24. Namarta Singla
    Namarta Singla
    Před 29 dny

    A drag race between fiat multipla and lambo veneno

  25. alam Khan
    alam Khan
    Před 29 dny

    Type R : why tf am I here

  26. Tio
    Před 29 dny

    Bmw M550d vs Bmw M440i vs audi etron gt

  27. Ejdy DMJ
    Ejdy DMJ
    Před 29 dny

    I would like to see Stage 1 Peugeot 308 Gti by peugeot sport vs stock Type R, Golf Gti, stage 1 Hyundai i30N. As that would be fair race I think as it would be near enough same power..

  28. Fast Cars
    Fast Cars
    Před 29 dny

    Breathtaking !

  29. Alexandru Garleanu
    Alexandru Garleanu
    Před 29 dny

    Audi sq7 tdi vs sq7 petrol vs x5 m50d vs x5 m50i

  30. Ben Clarkson
    Ben Clarkson
    Před 29 dny

    Good video - I like the 'random' line up, representing a potential traffic light situation. So with the advancement of electric cars, all petrol hot hatches are gonna get whipped!

  31. b3rs
    Před 29 dny

    I'd still go for Civic.

  32. Just A Zombie69
    Just A Zombie69
    Před měsícem

    3:37 when vtec REALLY kicks in

  33. fireoil
    Před měsícem

    Man with that sunset it's beautiful...

  34. Joe G
    Joe G
    Před měsícem

    Why does this fool keep comparing the Type R to vehicles he knows it’s gonna lose to off the line? Automatic/DSG/AWD/Electric/Diesel cars with way more horsepower VS FWD manual trans that’s built for the circuit? Did a Type R ran over your puppy or something? I can’t wait for your next video Rimac Nevera VS Bugatti Chiron VS Type R. What a fool

  35. Ben Wiskin
    Ben Wiskin
    Před měsícem

    The civic would be a weapon with FWD.

  36. L1QUID
    Před měsícem

    Funny how this guy looks for any comparison to downplay the Civic Type R.

  37. Fábio Pereira
    Fábio Pereira
    Před měsícem

    Would be cool to see drag races with older cars, like 70's, 80's and 90's.

    1. Felipe Silveira
      Felipe Silveira
      Před 28 dny

      That would be awesome

  38. H Z A
    H Z A
    Před měsícem

    Which one would I have? I'll have the best-looking one, which imo is the Civic Type R (ik some people out there don't like it that much) - better than the ugly Beemer or the mediocre, OK-ish Audi.

  39. Maxi VK
    Maxi VK
    Před měsícem


  40. TheyCallMeMannes
    Před měsícem

    320 petrol PS are better than the diesel ones. yess!!!

  41. Kanals123
    Před měsícem

    Japan slaughter german engeneering. Little civic molested big germans. HA HA HA!

    1. Kanals123
      Před měsícem

      Diesel power thumbs down.

  42. ArunPlaysPiano
    Před měsícem

    Stop throwing the Type R into random drag races!

  43. Aahil HUSSAIN
    Aahil HUSSAIN
    Před měsícem

    Can we do sq7. vs Honda Civic vs any Tesla

  44. Dr Melchisedec
    Dr Melchisedec
    Před měsícem

    I am a honda fan boy

    1. M. huzenn
      M. huzenn
      Před měsícem

      Honda suck

  45. Achmad Abid An Najib
    Achmad Abid An Najib
    Před měsícem

    Drone camera will be more help

  46. NARCOS Gaming
    NARCOS Gaming
    Před měsícem

    how civic end up here

  47. Ginung Wibowo
    Ginung Wibowo
    Před měsícem

    Hold my diesel

    Před měsícem

    before watching. the civic is getting demolished.

  49. Ray Oh
    Ray Oh
    Před měsícem

    Instead of the type r you should do it with a mk8 golf r

  50. lorenzo
    Před měsícem


  51. Sina Madani
    Sina Madani
    Před měsícem

    M40d would do even better with a remap

  52. BackToWar100
    Před měsícem

    get STI and type R vs the rest of sedans.

    Před měsícem

    I would gladly accept any generation civic if I have enough funds for it!

  54. Alfo 4C
    Alfo 4C
    Před měsícem

    after watching the f1 vs chiron video this looks like slow motion

  55. Mystxry
    Před měsícem

    Diesel x4 doing a 1/4mile in 12.8 is impressive work by BMW tbh

  56. Count
    Před měsícem

    I want to see Porsche Taycon Vs The Tesla Model S PLAID

  57. Kevin Shijaku
    Kevin Shijaku
    Před měsícem

    what was the point of having a civic in this race?

  58. Prasanna Sarkar
    Prasanna Sarkar
    Před měsícem

    Type R 😘

  59. Sevban Doruk
    Sevban Doruk
    Před měsícem

    3:42 VTEC kicked in yo😀

  60. Philip Malan
    Philip Malan
    Před měsícem

    You need to drive the civic

    1. Philip Malan
      Philip Malan
      Před měsícem

      Civic power

  61. Anirudh R
    Anirudh R
    Před měsícem

    An example of : 'racing into the sunset'

  62. BIGG CHUUCH bb
    Před měsícem

    Guy just cant drive honda thats what

  63. Thomas Rolon
    Thomas Rolon
    Před měsícem

    I’d like to see more MachE videos!

  64. chris the doc
    chris the doc
    Před měsícem

    that's the only way that a german car would win against a Japanese car with a manual trans. now put the same cars but all of them with a manual trans., 🤦‍♂️ carwow stop racing manuals against auto for god's sake that's just for newbies!!

  65. IshYaBoi lo;l
    IshYaBoi lo;l
    Před měsícem

    Why is BMW making diesel "performance" cars? Genuinely, who asked for them?

  66. Hey Look It's That Guy.
    Hey Look It's That Guy.
    Před měsícem

    Do more vids at this time of day

  67. Expr55
    Před měsícem

    Civic taking the fight to the heavyweights

  68. prabin koirala
    prabin koirala
    Před měsícem

    Please drag race model S Plaid vs Taykan Turbo S

  69. Yahya Hany
    Yahya Hany
    Před měsícem

    Next race out Kia stinger

  70. Paul Short
    Paul Short
    Před měsícem


  71. Yanski
    Před měsícem

    Video was shite, trying to persuade normal car buyers that a electric mpv can provide more fun in a straight line than a focused hot hatch can in the twistys, absolutely bollocks, why are you pushing the green 2030 agenda? Thought this channel was for petrol heads, not gays

  72. TheIñigoYT
    Před měsícem

    I would love to see a diesel Drag race involving de S7 TDI please!!!!!

  73. Nipuna D
    Nipuna D
    Před měsícem

    Could do Audi Rs7 vs Etron GT RS vs S7

  74. Arkaitz Uranga.
    Arkaitz Uranga.
    Před měsícem

    I have to say, that e-tron looks amazing from that rear view shot at the beginning of the video (when they're lined up for the drag race). I think it's because of those alloys and the evening light + the light bar lit up *edit: I've just watched the part of the video where they actually talk about this hahahah 😅

  75. Robert Jung
    Robert Jung
    Před měsícem

    Happy Type R owner, drag races aren't the real fun, take it on a real track then those fat and heavy cars will no where be found

  76. kuba chishimba
    kuba chishimba
    Před měsícem

    The honda has never won a drag race from stand still, I think it's time honda accepted the AWD

  77. Atta Rehman
    Atta Rehman
    Před měsícem

    I wanna see a race with the bmw x5 m50d

  78. Mark Dean
    Mark Dean
    Před měsícem

    Fiesta ST v BMW 320d v anything else, be very interested to see the difference, typical circumstance in the real world !

  79. Arneiro0silva
    Před měsícem

    This os amazing my favorite Honda Civic type R os almost win

  80. Bo-Laurids Jähde
    Bo-Laurids Jähde
    Před měsícem

    3 beautyful cars!

  81. Andre Watson
    Andre Watson
    Před měsícem


  82. POV Test Drive MK
    POV Test Drive MK
    Před měsícem

    how price ???

  83. Suhail M S K
    Suhail M S K
    Před měsícem

    FWD+manual has a big disadvantage in launch... I hope they make type r with 4x4 atleast. It will destroy the segment even above it's segment.

  84. Ajim So funny
    Ajim So funny
    Před měsícem

    You guys should do a battle between most powerful petrol vs most powerful diesel vs most powerful electric car P/s: its a long title btw 🤣🤣🤣

  85. P GR
    P GR
    Před měsícem

    I mean yeah with the SUV speed but their price means you have to always be less impressed. The BMW for example is £57k before you go near the options list, and a realistic spec you would actually want is probably closer to £65k. That's nearly double what the Honda costs in the higher GT spec. I had to shut down a guy crowing about the X6M just because he was on and on about it was faster than an old M140i, it better be for three times the price!

  86. Ambergris
    Před měsícem

    The ugliest drag race ever.

  87. ako sadikov
    ako sadikov
    Před měsícem

    I’d love to see just matt vs yianni no cars just running

    1. Nostalgic rc
      Nostalgic rc
      Před měsícem

      Shut up

  88. Jan E
    Jan E
    Před měsícem

    I feel like Mat sometimes holds a prejudice against Japanese cars

  89. Ваха Мунаев
    Ваха Мунаев
    Před měsícem

    Где перевод найти??

  90. Tracia Yulanda
    Tracia Yulanda
    Před měsícem

    Hello Carwow

  91. Peter Boyle
    Peter Boyle
    Před měsícem

    Heres something as relevant as this test. My 9 year old son on his bmx was able to out drag my 6 year old daughter in her electric mclaren. But she destroyed him in the braking. I'd post a video but it was boring as fuck to watch, alot like this.

  92. Peter Boyle
    Peter Boyle
    Před měsícem

    Why is this channel always drag racing against a type R?? Its not a drag car. Why wouldnt they test against any performance 4wd car??? Fwd manual will always be beat by 4wd and seamless shift in these drag races. This is absolutely pointless.

  93. Murat Schwarzenegger
    Murat Schwarzenegger
    Před měsícem

    Next video: Kawasaki h2r vs Tesla model S vs Ferrari SF 90 stradale

  94. manen wan
    manen wan
    Před měsícem

    BMW fanbois is jizzing because of the start but forgot about the roll race

  95. Nargis Ansari
    Nargis Ansari
    Před měsícem

    Please do a video with the BMW X8🙏

  96. RuniX
    Před měsícem

    Bo o wa a

  97. Kai Cortizas
    Kai Cortizas
    Před měsícem

    who else would like to see a at night drag race series where we can see the cars and their lighting at night while they drag race

  98. Simon Knis
    Simon Knis
    Před měsícem

    A bit unfair really

  99. Tuomas Kaiponen
    Tuomas Kaiponen
    Před měsícem

    Mercedes a45 is better than honda

  100. Bradboy73
    Před měsícem

    Not very fair that really.